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Intimacy, Intercession and Increase

A 31-day devotional for youth and young adults

This book is a devotional aimed towards youth and young adults to help them understand and grow in a life of prayer. It can be used as an introduction to prayer for those who are new believers or a refresher for those who have been walking with the Lord for a longer period of time. Lyndal draws upon personal experience and decades of work with young people to explore this vital area. It is not a theological treatise, nor an exegetical study, yet at times it will ask the reader to think deeply about certain issues. It doesn't exhaust the topic of prayer by any means but gives a taste for further discovery. The devotional is 31 days so that it can be completed by reading one per day for a month. It is set out in three sections, intimacy with God, intercession and increase with John 17 being a guiding passage. Within each day there are scriptures to read, thoughts to consider and reflections to ponder and sometimes, further discovery through using online media. Interwoven throughout are real-life stories that give testimony to the work of God and the power of prayer in people's lives. The desire is that these will inspire the reader to see what is possible through a life of prayer and obedience.


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