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Joy to the world, The Lord has come?

Hello friends,

Recently I was blessed to have a two night retreat at the wonderful Kingfisher Bay in Ontario, Canada. The beauty of the surrounds, the quietness and the lack of a laptop was refreshing to my soul. During my stay, I was preparing to share about joy with my local church. I was inspired to write a poem as I studied the scriptures and was reminded again of the good news we celebrate at this time of year. May it bring you hope and joy in this season and throughout the coming year.

Many blessings,


“Joy to the world,

The Lord has come.”

Oh so sweetly at

Christmas is sung.

Yet joy to the world

Seems so empty a promise

When the world’s beaten up

By sinful men and their horrors.

“Good news of great joy”

The angel did say,

To terrified shepherds

In fields far away.

“What is this good news?”

The stunned shepherds wondered.

“A saviour is born for all tribes”

The angel thundered.

That’s what’s needed

In this broken world.

A saviour to redeem

All that’s absurd.

This saviour is Jesus,

Messiah for all.

All you need to do

Is respond to His call.

So cry out to Him,

Say, “Jesus you’re mine,

Save me from sin

And my life realign.”

He will come in and

Sit at your table,

Give you new life and

Restore the unstable.

He will bring hope and

Joy that is full

As you abide in Him

And He in you.

“Joy to the world,

The Lord has come?”

No empty promise,

It’s already begun.

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