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Lighting the fire of prayer

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Intimacy, Intercession and Increase

A youth and young adult devotional to encourage a greater life of prayer in the reader. Each day has readings from the Bible, a devotional to read for greater insight into the scriptures and prayer and a 'reflect' section. More...


with Action Points in each chapter

& a free leaders supplement

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First Edition

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Brand new from Lyndal J Walker is the Intimacy, Intercession and Increase (Edition 2) Leaders Supplement!
Are you a youth leader or disciple maker going through the book with a young person? Then this is for you. Full of helpful questions and tips for each chapter, this will help you engage your young person on a whole new level.
Available for free download.

“In a day and age when prayer is normally a last resort, Lyndal walks us through the deep importance and priority of a close, fervent relationship with the Lord.  Her heart for seeking after Christ is shared throughout this strategic devotional book.  Whether you are young or old, a new believer or lifelong follower of Jesus, Lyndal will encourage you to live a life of powerful prayer!”

Jordan Whitmer 

Founder / C.E.O.

HowToLife Movement and the Z Conference; 

Host, Gen Z Today Podcast

“Intimacy, Intercession and Increase is a devotional that not only informs, but will lead you into a depth of prayer unlike that of before. With its simple, holistic and applicational approach you will be left wanting more. All I can say is that, be ready to encounter God each day! Having done this with a youth team, I cannot recommend this book more highly. ”

Liam Jarrot

Youth Minister

One Community Church, Australia


"Author Donald Miller once wrote of himself that “the biggest problem in the world is my own selfishness”. I fully identify with that statement. I want to fix the brokenness of our world, but find that I can’t fix me. The good news is that God has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Lyndal Walker has provided a simple, profound access to dealing with the biggest problem in the world."

Glenn Duncan

Kawartha Youth Unlimited/ Youth For Christ

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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“You are invited! Yes, you are invited to become a fellow traveler on a road trip. This journey will take you to new places, to exciting mountain peaks, to incredible views, to pristine valleys. You will not be the same at the end of this adventure!”

Dave Brereton 

  International Director,

Youth For Christ International

“This is indeed a transformational and life-changing guide, not just for young people, but for any and everyone who desires to know God intimately and be a relevant force in the end-time harvest of souls. Lyndal illustrates the relevance and connection of scriptures and prayer in the spiritual formation and empowerment of a believer. This is therefore a highly recommended resourceful tool in the discipleship and spiritual development of young people. Use it to enhance your personal intimacy with God, as well as your effectiveness in helping others grow in their life-long pursuit and relationship with Christ.”

 Sola Imoleolu

YFC Nigeria National Director and West Africa Regional Director (Anglophone)


About Lyndal J Walker

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Lyndal J Walker serves as Prayer Director of Youth for Christ International. She started her career as a teacher but preferred discipling young people over teaching them. She served in the Northern Territory, Australia, for ten years, first as a chaplain at an Aboriginal residential college and in various other capacities with First Nations youth and adults. Having completed a Masters in 2016 related to Indigenous education, she realised she was a missionary more than an academic! She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, but dreams of living in a cottage by a lake in Canada. Intimacy, Intercession and Increase is her first book.

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